Wednesday, July 11, 2007

new music purchases

I did some CD shopping on my way home from work Monday night. I meant to just buy the new Velvet Revolver album, Libertad, but as usual I came home with some other albums as well.

The Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street. I can't believe I didn't own this one already.

Matthew Sweet: Girlfriend. The title track is one of my favorite songs in Guitar Hero II, and the rest of the album is catchy too. Someone told me all the songs are about breakups. That would have been useful information 18 months ago when I was looking for alternatives to Blood On The Tracks.

Ratt: Out Of The Cellar. It was $7. And "Round and Round" is a great song.

The White Stripes: Icky Thump. This album is so good it makes me wish I'd started listening to the White Stripes years ago. I've listened to it twice already, and I'm sure I'll play it again this week sometime. I need to get the rest of their catalog now.

Also, while I was at home last week working on the carpet in my mom's room, my brother and I took turns with the musical selections. I played two of the pieces from one of my concerts this past March, and he played Michael Torke's One. Torke is a modern composer, and I typically don't enjoy new compositions in classical music forms. But the five pieces on One, all named for colors, are amazing. I had to get the album as soon as I heard it. Lucky for me, had it in MP3 format. Between listening to this album and the White Stripes, I'm way behind on podcasts.

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