Monday, July 16, 2007

Saturday's beer tasting/cookout

I went to another beer tasting party at a friend's house in Queens this past Saturday. I went to one last September, and this one was the same format, but with different beers and food. This time I stayed until we ran out of beer, which happened around 10 PM, so I got to try 19 different beers. I don't remember most of the beers, though there was a double IPA that was extremely bitter and a sour, fruity beer that stands out in my memory. I took photos of each bottle as we drank it, and after a few shots I figured out that it made more sense to photograph the beer bottle next to my glass of beer. I also got to meet my friends' six-month-old son, who was adorably cute even when he was drooling (which was most of the time, as he's teething). For the food, the hosts went with a French theme, though I don't remember now what that had to do with chicken and beef kabobs, grilled shrimp, corn on the cob, fresh vegetables, and homemade ice cream. The food and liberal doses of water kept me from getting beyond a mild buzz, which was the idea. As with a wine tasting, you don't want to get drunk on beer that you're drinking for the purpose of tasting the nuances of flavor. One of my friends hadn't been to a beer tasting before, and he didn't listen when we told him to take it easy. He e-mailed us on Sunday morning with the message "Worst. Hangover. Ever."

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