Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moving update, settling in

It's the end of day two here and I'm beginning to feel more comfortable in my new cubicle and office. The worst aspect of the move thus far has been the elevators in this building. The firm's New York headquarters building has 54 floors and 24 elevators, with six serving my firms's floors. This building has 34 floors and just 12 elevators, and of the six that serve our two floors, only four appear to be working at this time. In other words, we're "under-elevatored," to use the manufacturers' jargon. I arrived right at 9 AM yesterday morning to find a crowd of about 25 people waiting for the elevators for our floors. They didn't all work for my firm; I think most of them worked for the credit union that occupies the ten floors below ours. This morning when I arrived at 10 AM the crowd was sparse but the wait was much longer than I'm used to. And at 1 PM when we went to lunch in the cafeteria across the street, we had to think about the elevator waiting time for our departure and return. I'm glad I'm not on a time clock or else I'd have to arrive ten minutes early just to punch in on time.

I've uploaded some photos of my new cubicle, and I've already moved things around since yesterday. Initially, I set up my computers in the same way they had been configured at my old desk. But in this office I have less privacy than I used to, and the arrangement with my Mac in the middle of the desk was too open for me. This afternoon I moved the Mac to the inside corner of the cubicle, to the left of my laptop. This arrangement gives me a little more privacy from people walking by, or at least I think it does. And it gives me the rest of the desk for paperwork or testing other computers as needed.

I also deployed my rearview mirror when it arrived. For the time being it's going to rest in a coffee mug so I don't have to glue it to my monitor. I just have to remember to look at it when I hear people approaching me. And also not become absorbed in my own reflection.

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