Sunday, March 22, 2009

The office move is nearly complete

This weekend my department and a few others are moving to a new office space across the street from the main office. It's a big effort and it's created plenty of work, and my employers are doing their best to make us feel like we're still part of the firm. They've given us some perks in the cafeteria, installed new vending machines and coffee makers in the new space, and built new cubicles with new VoIP phones. The last item's inclusion means that my group, in charge of the network, are now partly responsible for voice communication as well. These phones have already been an issue. As with any new technology (or new to you), there will be problems and a learning curve. The new office space opens tomorrow, and I was there this afternoon to unpack and check my computer setup. Last week I packed all of my office items except for my computers and peripherals, and the hardware department set up the computers yesterday. I lost a KVM switch and a spare mouse somewhere in the move process, so I hope to get those back later this week. Otherwise, everything is unpacked and set up so I can get right to work tomorrow.

I also ordered a rearview mirror for my computer monitor. Until Friday I had a prime cubicle in the back corner of our office, with my chair facing the entryway, so no one could sneak up behind me. Now my monitor is positioned facing away from the way my superiors will likely come to visit me. It's not that I'm doing things I don't want them to see, but I'm uncomfortable with the idea of people surprising me. I usually wear earbuds while I work so I can't hear people walking by. I hope that the mirror will give me a clue as to when my boss is about to stop by and see how I'm doing. And it will give me a way to check my teeth for stuck bits of food after lunch.

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