Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I would have just called the cops

Here's another example of how NOT to use Twitter. When a drunk, smelly, and possibly homeless man wanders into your studio apartment and passes out in your bathroom, do not update your Twitter feed and ask your followers what you should do. And it's a bad idea to set up a video feed to broadcast you going into the bathroom to see what this hobo may or may not be doing in there. Your phone, which probably has a QWERTY keyboard on it, also has a number pad. You can use it to dial 911. In fact, your phone has an emergency call feature which should call 911 if you can't type that number yourself. I can't speak from experience, but I think the police tend to arrive quickly when you call about an intruder. Also, lock the front door. You live in a city, not some friendly rural hamlet.

This guy is lucky that the worst thing to happen as a result of his inaction is that he now has to fumigate his apartment. I've smelled some fragrant vagrants on the subway. If one of them stumbled into my apartment and passed out in the bathroom, I think I'd have to move.

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