Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday in Olympic hockey

Today's games have already started, with Team USA in control early with a 2-0 lead over Norway at the 1st intermission.  I had plans last night so I only saw Finland's victory over Belarus and the end of the Czech Republic-Slovakia game this morning on my DVR.  Finland showed some of the dominance we've seen from them in past Olympics.  But what I really enjoyed was seeing Jaromir Jagr back on the ice for the Czech team.  He's 38, a fact of which the announcers continually reminded the viewers.  And Jagr didn't skate as many minutes as he did on past Olympic teams, at least not at the end of the game where the Czechs were playing keep-away with Slovakia.  But he scored the game-winning goal and assisted on another.  He has a reach like no one else I've seen, carrying the puck far out in front yet keeping it in control the entire time.  Watching him handle the puck while sweeping around behind the goal brought back memories of his years with the Penguins.  He can still do astounding tricks with the puck.  The Czechs are in a tough group with the Russians, but with a win in hand over Slovakia and a likely win against Latvia they stand a good chance to make the medal round if Jagr can continue to produce like he did last night.

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