Thursday, July 25, 2002

I haven't had much to report lately. I seem to be on a Wednesday-Saturday update schedule, not that it's intentional. I'll try to do better from now on.

This evening I went to the NY Philharmonic's free concert in Central Park. I like the free part, and the relaxed attitude about open alcohol consumption. But I don't like the constant conversation while the orchestra is playing. Some of the people around us kept chattering the entire time, especially the drunk trio right in front of us. The trouble with the concerts being free is that you get all sorts of people who come for the picnic and stick around to chat during the actual performance. I guess you get what you pay for. At least this year I was able to hear the music clearly. Last year Liz and I sat so far away that we could barely hear anything. We couldn't even see the fireworks at the end of the show. This time we were much closer to the orchestra, and I could even see the stage. Plus they played all my old favorites. Dvorak's Carnival Overture, Bruch's Scottish Fantasy, Liszt's Les Preludes, Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite No.1, and Finlandia by Sibelius, a piece I once conducted back when I was a student at Georgetown. So I had a really good time.

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