Monday, November 17, 2003

I, uh... need to, um... go home early for an, ur... emergency. Yeah, that's it.

This morning I got my "your purchase has shipped" e-mail from indicating that my copy of The Two Towers: Extended Edition was on its way. The e-mail said I'd get it in 3-7 days. On a routine stop by my office mailbox I found a present: my copy had arrived! Now that's fast service. I'm watching bits of it now, just to check the discs, in case there's a problem and I need to return it. That's a good reason. It looks damn fantastic and the one added scene at the beginning ("Elven Rope") restores a bit of story that I didn't realize I'd missed in the theatrical release. I'll need to pick a night this week with no good TV (tough during sweeps) and watch the entire thing. Maybe a day off from work is a good idea.

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