Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Novell buys SuSE

Most people who read this blog regularly (all five of you) won't know what the heck that means. So I'm going to geek out for a while. This morning, Novell announced that it is buying SuSE, a German company that produces a distribution of the Linux operating system. It's an exciting move for Novell, which has been working for a year on migrating its product line to run on Linux as well as their proprietary NetWare OS. I'd been hearing for a while that SuSE was going to be the preferred Linux distribution for Novell's products, and this purchase confirms that. It gives Novell a powerful operating system to offer its customers, who have been migrating their operations to Windows systems for the past ten years. I've been a loyal Novell and NetWare administrator for most of that time, and I'm looking forward to getting Novell's products on a stable, open source, community-supported platform.

In-depth analysis can be found in many places.

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