Sunday, November 30, 2003

More reasons to play fantasy football

1. I live in Manhattan, so I'm limited to watching the Giants, Jets, or other teams in their respective divisions every Sunday. Usually, these games are not that exciting, like today's 24-7 Bills over Giants game. At the same time, Indianapolis and New England played a thrilling 38-34 Patriots win, in a back-and-forth game that was far more enthralling than the one I got to see. I don't have a satellite dish, so I can't get the NFL Sunday Ticket package to watch anything other than what the networks are showing. Even if I wanted to see the Steelers every week, I'd have to go to a sports bar and pay for food and drinks to do it. Which leads me to ...

2. The Steelers are awful this year. Mark Madden is upset that the fantasy stats geeks root against them? He's lucky anyone bothers to show up for games. I couldn't even bother to work myself into a mild lather as I watched the scores of the Steelers-Bengals game flash by earlier today. When they can't run or pass the ball effectively or stop the other team when it matters, I don't blame the fantasy fans so much. Fantasy football gives me a way to stay interested in the NFL season when my team is out of it by week 9.

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