Sunday, November 30, 2003

Love Actually

Liz and I saw Love Actually at the Loews Kips Bay theater last night. It was a touching, funny, sad, ultimately heartwarming romance that reminded me what it feels like to be in love for the first time, the second time, to have your heart broken, and to find happiness. It was sappy and too sweet in a few places, and completely implausible in others, but we both loved the movie. The casting was perfect, and we had fun afterward trying to name British actors who weren't in it (there aren't too many; to paraphrase an old friend: when this one was cast, everyone got a part). I particularly liked Kiera Knightley, and I was slightly disappointed that she didn't have a larger role. That's unavoidable in a movie with so many characters and stories to tell. But just about everything about the movie went right, even the plot threads that were weaker than others. I wouldn't say that it's my favorite romantic comedy ever; that's still the timeless When Harry Met Sally. But this one is a great movie that with its holiday setting is just right for this time of year. Take someone that you love to see it, you won't be disappointed.

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