Wednesday, April 13, 2005

College Fair 2005

On Wednesday evening, my firm held its 2005 College Fair in conjunction with a local high school with which we have an ongoing mentoring relationship. (I wrote about last year's fair -- see the final paragraph in the link.) Our firm's coordinator said she would contact Georgetown to get materials for me to distribute, so I didn't request any from the school myself. I should have called someone there, because I showed up tonight with my GU banner and found that they never sent us anything. At least I had the banner. I sat there for about two hours and answered as many questions as I could, based on what I knew from my years there and from the few minutes I'd spent looking at the GU Admissions office web site earlier in the day. I think most of them were the same questions I got last year. Despite my lack of any materials or a means to look up answers on the fly (my laptop couldn't get on the office wireless network that I manage, for some unknown reason), I think I managed to help out some kids. I was able to give them the phone number for the admissions office and the school web site. I figure that most of the prospectuses (prospecti?), financial aid brochures, and other paraphernalia the school sends to me for this fair ends up in the trash anyway, so as long as they had the number, the really interested students would be able to get an application and set up a campus visit. And I got a free meal and some chocolate chip cookies while I was there, so at least I had that going for me.

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