Monday, April 11, 2005

a new office at work

About two months ago, one of my co-workers left my firm for another job, leaving behind his vacant office. None of us asked to move into it, since we all know we're moving out of our current space in a few months and no one wanted to move twice. So it sat, empty, forlorn, waiting for an occupant who would never arrive.

Well, this afternoon, my boss asked me if I had a problem with moving into the empty office. We have a new e-mail administrator starting in a few weeks, and it makes more sense to put him in my cubicle directly behind another e-mail administrator than to give him the office or put him somewhere else. So I took the office, a little reluctantly. I spent part of my afternoon cleaning out the remaining crap the last guy left behind and moving my computers and books. It's the second time I've had my own office at this firm, and the second time I followed this particular employee from one office to another.

So it's great to have more room to spread out, and a door to close when things get noisy. I can turn up my music without worrying about bothering anyone else. But it also means that I get to move my stuff again in a few months when we get the new office space across the hall. I'll enjoy it while I can. Starting tomorrow, as it's really too late for me to be here now.

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