Sunday, May 21, 2006

cycling report for May 20 and 21, 2006

This is the first in an ongoing series of posts of the miles I ride on my bike and where I go. Assuming, of course, that I remember to post this stuff here.

On Saturday, I rode the Manhattan loop, going north on the East Side and south along the West Side Greenway. There's a newly paved section on the West side, north of fairway near the waste treatment facility. This path runs parallel to the railroad tracks, instead of the old path, which was an access road leading to Riverbank State Park.
Total miles: 30.

Usually I just ride one day on a weekend. However, when I got up on Sunday morning, the weather looked fantastic, and I didn't think I should waste it by going to the gym or staying home. So I headed for Central Park, intending to ride three or four laps. However, when I got there, I remembered that there was an AIDS Walk in the park, which closed most of the paths on the west side. So I left the park, headed north and took St. Nicholas Ave. as far as I could go. St. Nicholas Ave. ended around 190th St., at the intersection of Ft. George Ave. and Audubon Ave. Audubon took me in a circle back to St. Nicholas, so I took Ft. George and found myself on Amsterdam Ave., headed south. I passed the Highbridge Tower Park and turned down Edgecombe Ave. to get back to the Harlem River Greenway. I hit 23 mph going north on the greenway, but could only manage 13 mph coming back, as I had a nasty headwind in my face. I rode back to Central Park and then around the park on Central Park West and 59th St. before heading north again on Third Ave. to get home.
Total miles: 21
Miles so far in 2006: 151.

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