Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I "SAW" it last night

I was already tired Tuesday night when I was flipping channels around 12:15 AM. That's when I found SAW on one of my Cinemax or Showtime networks. It was only about five minutes in, so I started watching it. I hadn't planned to watch the entire movie, but since I hadn't seen it before, I ended up staying up until 2 AM watching the whole thing. I already knew the ending, or at least the most gruesome part, so I watched most of the movie shouting "just cut off your damn foot already!" at Cary Elwes. The rest of the film was predictable, and while the final twist surprised me, it wasn't unexpected. I thought it was a decent horror film, but not the groundbreaking movie that horror fans thought it was two years ago. And seeing it didn't make me want to see the sequel.

Horror movies, even when viewed just before bedtime, don't really scare me. But after I was in bed, I did get up again to make sure I'd locked my apartment door. You never know when the jigsaw killer will sneak in and lock you in his basement. I think next time I'm looking for a late-night movie, I'll try a comedy instead just to be safe.

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