Tuesday, December 05, 2006

99-tuba tribute to Tommy Johnson

Tuesday's Washington Post featured this article about Tommy Johnson, the longtime Hollywood tubist who performed on countless soundtracks, TV shows, commercials, and jingles. As my father pointed out, it was something of a "missing man" salute, with 99 performers in the concert. I wish I could have heard what the finale to Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony sounds like when performed by an all-tuba ensemble. When I saw the article, I thought it was about Tuba Christmas, which takes place this Sunday in New York at the skating rink at Rockefeller Center. I'm planning to be there again this year, strictly as a spectator, as I've never played a tuba in my life. But I feel a family connection to all things tuba-related, since my grandfather played it. This year I'll bring my camera, and I think I'll tell people I've got a relative in the group so that no one gives me a hard time about taking up a prime viewing spot.

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