Sunday, December 17, 2006

I think Mahler would have approved

Last night's performance of Mahler's 3rd Symphony had a few rough spots but overall was as fantastic and spectacular as I'd hoped it would be, and then some. When we stood up before the concert for the conductor's entrance, I looked at the church and saw a full house. On a Saturday night during the holiday season, the hall was full. The first movement took 40 minutes, but it felt like it went much faster than that. I'd eaten an early dinner, so after intermission I noticed I was hungry again. To make things worse, I think I smelled hamburgers in the church, and for most of the 2nd movement, all I could think about (aside from the music) was who had brought in food and why weren't they sharing it with me. After the 3rd movement we paused to tune and bring in the children's chorus. However, the kids kept us waiting, and waiting, and we couldn't tell what was going on. Finally, one of the percussionists opened the door to the backstage area, and let the chorus in. Apparently the door was locked or stuck from the other side. The last movement, my favorite, was so beautiful and perfect that I had goosebumps almost the entire time. After the concert, I went outside and my friends greeted me with applause and autograph requests. I actually signed a few programs. It was the best concert I've played since high school, and a hell of a way to end the year. I cannot wait to get back in January and start on the music for the next performance. Which is February 10, by the way.

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