Friday, December 29, 2006

new phone, old phone photos

I bought a new cell phone today, completing the upgrade of my three major gadgets for 2006 (digital camera, iPod, and cell phone). I got a Cingular SYNC, AKA the Samsung A707. It's my first flip phone, and my first non-Nokia phone since 1999. (I had a crappy Audiovox analog phone on Cellular One from September 1997 to April 1999.) I'm still getting used to it, so I'll post a real review in a few days. But I like it so far. I had to give up my late, great, AT&T Wireless calling plan with unlimited nights, weekends, and mobile-to-mobile minutes for $40/month, but I get rollover and Internet access with the new phone. And I paid for text messaging (finally!) so I don't have to pay 10 cents a message anymore. So if you text me, I will respond without feeling guilty.

Getting a new phone means putting the old one out to pasture, or in this case, stashing it in a drawer. I liked my old Nokia smartphone, but I never used any of the smartphone features. I took some photos with the camera over the past year or so, and to preserve them I've uploaded them to Flickr. Flickr says they were all taken today, but most of them were taken earlier this year. This photo of Magenta is one of my favorites. It was my phone background for all of 2006, a constant reminder of my late friend. I still miss the big guy.

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