Friday, December 08, 2006

my baby, my iPod

After last night's rehearsal, I went out for a drink with a few fellow musicians. The conversation turned to pets, and one woman showed us a photo of her cat on her cell phone. Not to be outdone, I showed them a photo of me with both of my cats that I had on my phone. I must have accidentally scrolled to the next photo, which was of my iPod. I had made a joke about not having kids so my cats were my kids, then the iPod photo popped up, so I played it off as a joke about my iPod being like a child too. I think I came off looking like the geek that I am. And I don't even remember why I took a photo of my iPod with my phone.

This morning I dreamed that I was shopping in a department store and carrying my jacket around, with my iPod in its usual inside pocket. I put the jacket down to try something on, then I must have forgotten the jacket, because the next thing I remember from the dream is collecting the jacket from the store's lost and found department. I told the lost and found clerk "that's my jacket, and my keys are in the right front pocket." He handed me the jacket, and I checked the inside pocket but my iPod wasn't there. The rest of the dream was short but vivid. I was upset that my iPod was gone and that I'd have to get a new one, and cursing my stupidity at forgetting the jacket in the first place, leading to the loss of the iPod. When I woke up and realized it had all been a dream I was incredibly relieved. I still had to go straight to my computer and make sure that the iPod was there, plugged in, charged and synched, just where I'd left it the night before.

Also, we rehearsed in the new church for this concert last night. I took a few photos and uploaded them to Flickr. The church is more like a cathedral: long, with a high ceiling and massive altar. The choral and concluding movements are going to sound fantastic in there, but the others are going to echo like crazy. It's still going to be an excellent concert.

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