Monday, March 05, 2007

Five long years

I always planned to keep this blog going, but I'm not sure I thought I'd still be posting things here five years after I started it. It was Tuesday, March 5, 2002 when I made my first-ever blog post. Initially, I planned to use the blog as a way to keep family and friends up-to-date on my travels and my mundane life in New York. If you're one of the hardy souls who's been reading this blog since then (or one of the few people I've met in the past five years who's gone back and re-read every post), I think you'll agree that I've stayed true to that concept. I've tried to branch out and write about some other topics over the years, and I intend to keep doing that. This is an all-purpose blog.

I've also noticed more recently that many new bloggers hide their identities online to a certain extent. Some use just their first names, while others use complete pseudonyms. It never occurred to me to conceal my identity until it was too late. It would have helped on the few occasions I've wanted to write about something intensely personal, or something at work that could make life unpleasant if someone at the office read it under my real name. But my name is on the blog, so I've tried to keep my personal life and my rants to myself. One of these days I'll create a blog just for my anonymous posts so I can express my true feelings when I have the urge.

I'm looking forward to five more years.

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Lizzy said...

Well done. I like reading your stuff. And yes, it is 2:25am, and I'm waiting for my pages to be proofed:)