Friday, October 17, 2003

Easterbrook's apology

In Monday's entry in Easterblogg, Gregg Easterbrook attacked the new movie Kill Bill for a number of reasons you can read if you scroll down on the link above. At the end of the piece, he suggested that the Miramax and Disney executives who approved the movie should have reconsidered doing so because they are Jewish and should have had a better sensitivity to violence in all forms. That didn't offend me, but his next statement about the worship of money by these Jewish moguls did bother me. However, it must not have offended me too much, because I didn't fire off an angry e-mail to Easterbrook or resolve never to read his blog or his TMQ column again. I thought instead that this statement must have been a poor choice of words and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Today, that generosity has been rewarded: he agrees with his critics that what he wrote was poorly worded, and he's issued an apology.

I love reading Easterbrook's writing. He's interesting, funny in a dry way, exceedingly intelligent, and I even enjoy his forays into political and economic topics that I don't usually follow. I'm glad that he came back to this item and confirmed what I already assumed: he's not anti-Semitic, just a writer who doesn't always edit himself carefully enough. And I can go back to reading his posts without feeling any guilt (except when I'm avoiding work).

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