Wednesday, October 08, 2003

More fun with Neal Stephenson

Some links for fans:

Neal Stephenson's web site, with links to many other places.

Quicksilver annotation web site

Interview with Mr. Stephenson, with links to commentary on Quicksilver and links to reviews.

In the Beginning was
the Command Line
, available for you to download and read at your leisure. I'm sure Mr. Stephenson and his publisher would appreciate it if you bought the paperback edition of the same text, but why do that when you can print it and make your own book? Design your own cover! Get creative! By the way, on his web site (linked above), Stephenson admits that the book is out-of-date and could use a revision. He's been working on the Mac OS for years, on which he'd have no trouble using emacs to write and edit text. James, I'm sorry I didn't mention that emacs is an open-source text editor that runs on a variety of platforms, including but not limited to Linux, Unix, BSD, the Mac OS, and even Windows. I'm a vi user, if I'm forced to choose one or the other, so I'm not expected to be an emacs expert.

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