Sunday, October 26, 2003

Yankees lose! Tha-a-a-a Yankees lose!

I'm not exactly jumping for joy over here, but New York's going to be infinitely more entertaining for the next few months after the Yankees loss to the Marlins in the World Series. George Steinbrenner is about to lose his mind and fire everyone who works at Yankee Stadium. Torre? Gone. Cashman? Gone. The guy who paints the chalk lines on the field? Gone. Billy Martin's ghost? Pick up line two, George wants you to come back. I can't wait. Hell, this might be my big chance to break into the majors. Big Stein might think that if the Red Sox can get to the ALCS with a 28-year-old GM with a business degree, maybe the Yankees can get to the playoffs with a 30-year-old network analyst and former English major who knows nothing about baseball. My only regret about the Yankees losing the series is that there won't be a ticker tape parade near my office next week. The last one in 2000 was all sorts of fun.

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