Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Following up on last week's article about the White House leak scandal, the Washington Post today published this story about Valerie Wilson (aka Valerie Plame). The news outlets I read last week characterized her as more of a desk jockey than James Bond-like spy; however, this article portrays her as just the sort of secret agent you'd expect to find in the movies. I especially like the part about when the agents-in-training at "The Farm" went to see "Spies Like Us" during a break. I loved that movie! Anyway, after reading the article, I'm still confused as to why the administration would want to expose one of its own operatives and compromise untold secure operations. I'm sure that if there is any long-term blowback, the Bush White House will just blame the Clintons, saying that the blown ops were Clinton projects.

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