Monday, March 01, 2004

an Oscar live-chat transcript to answer all your questions

We hosted an Oscar party at our apartment tonight and with all the caffeine and food I'll be up a little while longer. The Washington Post's movie section editor held an online chat during the show. While our partygoers had many questions that were raised and answered during the telecast, there were a few queries that we couldn't figure out. However, those who were at their PCs the entire time found the answers we couldn't, so see the transcript if you're interested. Specifically in my case, Sting played a hurdy-gurdy for one of the Cold Mountain songs, and you can read more about that instrument here. Also, the blue pins worn by all of the LOTR participants were provided by, a popular LOTR fan site.

The party was a great success, though I think we'll let someone else take a turn hosting it next year. We'll be there, of course, but it might be more fun to rotate it to someone else's apartment instead of packing 15 people into our living room again. We have plenty of leftover chips and salsa, so come on over for a snack. Just call first.

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