Thursday, March 04, 2004

a test everyone can pass

I laughed out loud at the test of basketball knowledge former University of Georgia assistant coach Jim Harrick Jr. gave to his class as the only exam. You can take the test yourself, and read all about it as well. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I missed the question on how many referees call a basketball game, but I'm sure a college baller would know the right answer.

I know that "student-athletes" tend to be jokes most of the time. Even at schools like Georgetown, they get extra study help, academic advisors who direct them toward favorable curricula, and in the case of Minnesota, advisors write the athletes' papers for them too. I used to wonder how the players on the basketball team got through Georgetown's sometimes-rigorous classes, and now I understand. I'm sure that some of them took exams that weren't much harder than this one. All I'm saying is that we should start accepting our student-athletes for what they are: athletes first, and students second. The schools exploit their talents and in return give them degrees (assuming they stick around long enough) that aren't worth much more than the paper they're engraved on. And that's fine with me.

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