Monday, March 22, 2004

A toga party, Utah-style

Tonight's welcome reception was a college fraternity-themed party, with toga-clad partiers, a surprisingly good cover band, and goofy games for all of us techies. They had toilet races (motorized toilet-scooters), an inflated boxing ring, Playstation games, and plenty of food. After not eating most of the day, I pigged out on sandwiches and cookies. Most of the games they invited volunteers to play were funny, like the whipped-cream plate trick where the first one to find the message on the bottom of a paper plate covered in whipped cream won. Too bad for the folks that wiped the plates with their faces that the message was literally on the bottom of the plate (the underside). In between games, the emcee tried to get a rise out of the crowd by making jokes about Bill Gates and Windows BSOD (blue screen of death) error messages. Didn't anyone tell him that Bill Gates isn't our punching bag anymore? Someone needed to give him some SCO Unix and Darl McBride material. I stayed long enough to get my fill of food and entertainment, then rushed back to my hotel room to watch "Arrested Development" and "The Sopranos." I considered going to Port O' Call instead, but after not sleeping last night, and overeating at dinner, I decided that alcohol wasn't a good move. Tomorrow night for sure.

I've posted some pictures of tonight's revelry on my Webshots page; see the link on the right. Liz, you asked for some new pictures, so that's what I took.

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