Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Can this franchise be saved?

Christopher Bahn has some ideas about what can be done to save the Star Wars franchise. (By the way, Episode III opens exactly one year from today. Fanboys: line up now.) I've said all along that George Lucas should have let someone else direct his films. I still think Hayden Christiansen has potential as Anakin Skywalker, if he can get more emotion out of Lucas' terrible dialogue. His performance in Shattered Glass showed that he has range beyond what he was able to do in Attack of the Clones. By now enough ink has been spilled about midichlorians and Jar-Jar Binks that I'll leave those concepts alone. Having just seen The Seven Samurai, I agree that the more cribbing Lucas can do from Kurosawa's films, the better. Heck, I'd pay twice to see Samurai remade as a Star Wars film. Set it about ten years before Episode IV, when Darth Vader and the Empire are hunting down the Jedi. A remote outpost needs protection from interstellar pirates and tracks down some Jedi Knights who are trying to hide from the Empire. Throw in a space battle and a kick-ass tangle between the Jedi and the pirates (who have hired a dark Jedi and a few bounty hunters as mercenaries) , and you've got two hours of movie that's got to be better than Episode I.

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