Monday, May 17, 2004

Meet the Press hijinks

Gothamist, among many other press outlets, has a post about yesterday's unusual interview with Secretary of State Colin Powell on "Meet the Press." I'm usually busy or asleep when the show is on (I'm still a lazy guy at 30), but yesterday morning I was up and had the show on, mostly to make myself feel intellectual. So I wasn't watching too closely when all of a sudden the camera on Powell panned over to the body of water behind the secretary, and Tim Russert asked for someone to put the camera back on Powell. It was just a strange interlude in the middle of what was apparently a good interview. To his credit, Powell dressed down his press aide and got the camera back for Russert's last question.

I did pay closer attention later in the show when Russert asked Senators John McCain and Joe Biden about the persistent rumors of McCain's possibility as John Kerry's running mate. McCain still denies any interest ("categorically" was how he put it) but Biden thinks he'd make a great vice-president. I don't think it's going to happen, but I can't think of another possible running mate for Kerry who would energize the race like McCain might. At least a McCain-Cheney debate would be interesting.

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