Friday, May 28, 2004

another casualty of Atkins

A. Zito & Sons Bakery, a Greenwich Village landmark for 80 years, is closing this weekend, and the owner says one of the reasons is that his business is down due to the popularity of low-carb Atkins diets. While I'm not sure I believe Atkins has THAT much to do with the closing (he mentions increases in rent and truck insurance rates as other factors), I'm not surprised that media outlets have picked up on the Atkins thread. Gothamist also carries the story and laments the imminent closure of Columbia Bagels, though it's not clear that Atkins dieters are to blame in that case. What's funny is that earlier this morning, while cursing a commercial for low-carb milk (why, God, why?), I suggested to Liz that in 20 years we'll all eat a gray goo that has the exact amount of calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc., to keep us all thin and beautiful. Gothamist had the same idea. Maybe that diet will just apply to fashion-obsessed New Yorkers, and I can continue to enjoy meals like tomorrow's anniversary feast at Morton's, where I will consume a steak the size of my head (Atkins-approved), preceded by a loaf of onion bread covered in rich creamy butter (Dr. Atkins rolls over in his grave). With a Godiva souffle cake for dessert. I may not be able to move afterward, but man, will that taste good.

Come on, people: a little bread won't kill you. And you know what else? Neither will good old-fashioned exercise. Let's back away from the low-carb cliff and keep in mind that a few minutes of exercise each day will drop more pounds from your ass than all the Atkins-labeled foodstuffs you cram in your mouth.

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