Friday, May 07, 2004

We're still here...

"Friends" ended last night, and yet the world didn't come to an end, as NBC may have led you to believe. There's always next week's finale of "Frasier" to signal Armageddon.

The "Friends" finale wasn't the best wrap-up ever, but it did tie up as many loose story ends as possible, and it was entertaining. I laughed more during this episode than I have for most of the shows this season, so that's a point in the show's favor. I'm glad that Ross and Rachel finally got back together, not that it was much of a surprise. As improbable as that relationship was, those two made a good couple. Too bad for the Paris job, I guess. The twins were a surprise, and I liked Chandler's reaction to the news. It would have been better if Joey had had more to do than look for the chick and duckling in the foosball table. I guess the writers will invent the premise for "Joey" in the pilot episode, which I'm sure means that we'll see some of the other "Friends" characters show up in that episode to help give him a sendoff and give the show a ratings boost right away. While I wouldn't think that a spinoff would do any good (I thought "Frasier" was a bad idea, and look how that turned out), I think "Joey" stands a good chance of being a hit. What else does NBC have to offer?

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