Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Shmooze with Average Joe?! Sign me up!!

New Yorkish links to the summer's premiere event for Jewish singles, the Summer Shmooze cocktail party featuring Adam Mesh from NBC's "Average Joe." I got a spam e-mail about this party and thought I was special, but it seems I'm just in their target demographic: I have an e-mail address.

I love the picture of Adam in the ad. He's got a goofy smile, a cheesy unbuttoned shirt look, and an orange rainbow behind him. Who came up with this design? Attention ladies: you had your chance to meet Adam for free last February, when he was the featured attraction at an ASPCA adoption event on the Upper East Side. Now you'll have to pay, and pretend to be Jewish if you're not.

BTW, I'm back from Frankfurt, for the three people who didn't already know that.

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