Sunday, June 13, 2004

Still awake in Frankfurt

I've arrived safely in Frankfurt. I'm convinced the Frankfurt office only hires one driver, because the same guy who met me at the airport last year met me again this time. It's good to see a familiar face when you're in a foreign country. I think I actually slept for about an hour on the plane (which never happens) because I don't feel as tired now as I usually do after a red-eye flight to Europe. There's not much to do in Frankfurt on a Sunday: all the shops and most of the bars and restaurants are closed. We went for a long walk around town, ate lunch at one restaurant that was open, and had ice cream at a sidewalk stand, but by 3 PM we decided to hang out in our respective rooms until dinner at 7 PM. I watched a little of 24 Hours of Le Mans, but I must have taken a nap because when I came to, the race was over. Now I'm watching Switzerland vs. Croatia in the UEFA Euro 2004 football tournament. Soccer commentary in German isn't as exciting as Andres Cantor, though I'm sure the announcer will become animated if someone scores. Not that I care much about this match. Later tonight, England plays France, so I'll definitely have a team to root for in that game. Assuming I stay awake that long.

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