Saturday, June 12, 2004

Wi-Fi comes to the Presidents Lounge at Newark Airport

I'm waiting in the business-class lounge to board my Saturday night flight to Frankfurt. Over the past four years at my firm, I've gotten to know this lounge well. Those of you who have never been here aren't missing much. You get free coffee, comfy leather chairs, and a view of the tarmac that's a little brighter than the one you get at the gate. Usually I have some coffee, a snack, and read while scoffing at my fellow travelers who can't be out of touch for a minute. These folks would hook up their laptops to the phones at the little tables and pay exorbitant rates to send a few e-mails. Although my office would pay for it, I've never dialed up from here, because I've never needed to, and because I only go online by modem in extreme emergencies. I've wondered why the airlines didn't put in a pay-per-access wireless network; I'd use that in a heartbeat.

Today, while walking up to the lounge's entry desk, I noticed a sign advertising the lounge's new complimentary wireless access for us business travelers. Now I can surf for free while waiting for the boarding call. Thank you, Continental Airlines. You guys rock. If only I had something important to do online right now....

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