Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Gmailswap works, in my case

Last week, I wrote about the popularity of Gmail, even in beta test, and my use of gmailswap.com to unload an unwanted Gmail invitation. At the time I thought I'd wasted my invitation, but on Friday afternoon I got two bags of Starbucks coffee in the mail, just as we'd agreed. I had accidentally given the swapper the wrong ZIP code, so that explains why it took a few extra days for the post office to route the package. I still have one invitation left, and I've had a few e-mails from interested parties. The offerings on Gmailswap don't interest me right now -- they're either worthless or seem too good to be true -- so I've still got the invitation. I have a feeling that Gmail is going live in a few days or weeks, so the invitations will be worthless themselves soon. I guess I'd better get something for my last invitation soon.

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