Tuesday, June 29, 2004

So what's YOUR neurotic behavior?

At the beginning of his chat today, Gene Weingarten posted some of the responses he received to a previous week's request for examples of neurotic behavior. All I have to say is that there are some bizarre, sick, and twisted people in the DC area.

Also, Gene hates the comic strip Mutts, even going so far as to post a "Mutts Embarrassment of the Week." He is now calling for the strip to be removed from the Washington Post, along with Classic Peanuts, BC, Family Circus, and others that he despises. I agree that some of these comics need to go, especially ones like Peanuts where the cartoonist is now deceased, but I enjoy Mutts. It's cute, sometimes it makes me laugh, and it always reminds me of my cats. I was going to say that Gene's problem with the strip is that you have to be a pet owner to really enjoy it, but I think he has a dog, so there goes that theory. I have to give him credit for turning me and many others on to Frazz, the best comic currently not appearing in the pages of the Post. (Liz, I know this because a) I read about it in Gene's chats, and b) I read the actual paper comics when I visit my dad.)

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