Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday Tech Ed update

Ben Roethlisberger's condition has been listed as serious but stable and still a complete dumbass.

Today's swag haul: three more t-shirts (I'm up to seven or eight total) and my first useful item, a 512 MB USB key. At this point I think I have enough items that everyone I work with gets something that's cool, instead of just a pen or a toy.

I have one or two sessions to go, and then I have to find something to do to entertain myself this evening. Last night I watched the Stanley Cup finals and had dinner at Legal Sea Foods. Tonight I might check out the "jam sessions" at a local club, where Tech Ed attendees can get up on stage and perform. It sounds like karaoke, only worse, as this involves musical instruments too. Maybe I'll just watch the NBA Finals instead.

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Anonymous said...

And I'm betting you didn't bring your viola.