Thursday, June 01, 2006

welcome back to Georgetown

This weekend is my 10-year reunion at Georgetown. I sometimes find it hard to believe that it's been ten years since I graduated from college and had to get a real job. Inside, I still feel like I'm about 25, so it doesn't seem real to me that I've been out of school this long. But the calendar says it's been a decade, and so I'm back on campus this weekend for all the fun. So far today I've walked from one end of campus to the other, taking pictures of all the places I used to live and work, as well as a few of my old hangouts. I even found my old senior-year apartment in Village A open for year-end cleanup, so I snuck in and snapped a few pictures before anyone from maintenance could catch me. I can't be certain, but I think the furniture is the same as when I lived there. I also peeked into the bowels of New North, where I used to work as a student and later a full-time employee, and I gave myself a tour of the new theater building. Later tonight or tomorrow, after I have a chance to post the pictures, I'll post some kind of mini-travelogue for my few readers who didn't go to school with me and don't know any of these places. And also just because I feel like writing it and reminiscing.

I also had lunch with two friends from the orchestra, neither of whom I'd seen in about eight years. It's kind of sad that none of us have kept in touch with too many people from the orchestra. There used to be an alumni society for the orchestra and choir, but since I moved to New York I haven't been in contact with anyone who was trying to keep that group afloat. As far as I know, it's defunct. But it was great to see my friends again and catch up with them.

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