Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wednesday night was better than Tuesday

Last night I went out to Cambridge with my uncle to sit in on my cousin's 8th grade graduation exam/presentation. Here in Boston the schools make you present some of your classwork and projects to a panel of teachers before they let you move on to high school. The weird part for me was that the family gets to sit in. I asked my uncle if my cousin knew I was going to be there, and he said yes, and it had made her a little more nervous. Just what I intended. :) So it was me, my aunt and uncle, their older daughter, and four teachers observing my cousin's exam. She was in fact a bit nervous, but she performed well and passed with honors. She was especially passionate about her work on justice and dissent, her study of Animal Farm, and a paper she wrote on my great aunt who recently passed away at 95. After the exam we went to a Mexican restaurant near their house and I enjoyed a plate of chile rellenos stuffed with cheese and pork (mmm, extra kosher!), then I had some time to see their house and visit with the family.

Today was another early morning at the conference center. I had some laptop problems last night, and because of the funky way my office has locked down the system, I had to wait until I got to the conference before I could fix things. But the PC is running smoothly now. I was supposed to go to two afternoon sessions, but I ended up skipping one to watch the England-Trinidad & Tobago World Cup match. I downloaded the slides, so I got most of the presentation anyway. I went to the show floor for the end-of-show prize drawings, but came up empty on all of them. I did get ANOTHER t-shirt, which has to put me into the double-digits for the show. I can throw out an entire drawer of old shirts now, and that's after I share some of the shirts with my co-workers.

Tonight's entertainment is the Train concert at Fenway Park, which I will attend for two reasons: free food and I don't have anything better to do. I may leave early to watch basketball if I can't stand the music. I need to pack tonight because I have to haul all my stuff with me to the conference center. Traffic in this town is terrible, and with everyone trying to get to the show with their luggage, it might take me an extra hour to get here. Also, the bathrooms at this center are plentiful, but they're all too small so there's always a line. I can't wait to go home. I wouldn't mind coming back to Boston for a vacation, but if they have another show like this here, I think I'll skip it.

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