Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Am I the only one who saw this news story yesterday? ESPN.com: MLB - Rangers owner frustrated about losing games, money
It seems the owner of the Texas Rangers, Tom Hicks, is upset that his team stinks and is losing money. Gee whiz, Tom, did you ever think that the reason behind both problems is that you spend too much money on your players? Alex Rodriguez: $252 million over 10 years. Need I go on? One player is paid what half the Pirates roster is paid this season. Maybe a start toward respectability would be to trim your overblown payroll and get your expenses under control. Too bad you can't trade any of your players, since only the Yankees and a few other teams could afford those gargantuan salaries. You want to know why your team is in trouble? Look in the mirror, you dumbass.
I can't believe how baseball owners have run their sport into the ground. I really want to see a strike this year just so the few remaining baseball fans will finally give it up. I gave up on it years ago. At least the NFL has a working system for financial parity.
I don't usually rant much about sports (at least not here) but this story really irked me.

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