Wednesday, May 29, 2002

A quick update. Liz and I are off to Las Vegas tomorrow morning. She's working at a conference there and I get to tag along and help her set up and presumably tear down. In between I'm free to explore the city and get myself into trouble. I've re-read the ESPN Sports Guy's columns on Las Vegas and I'm a little scared of the place. For certain I won't be doing any gambling. I only know how to play blackjack, I haven't played in 10 years (probably at a "casino night" event during my freshman orientation at Georgetown), and I'm not any good at it. Plus, I don't see the point in throwing my money away, or trying to compete recreationally with people who gamble for a living. But I am looking forward to seeing the Star Trek Experience (at my hotel, the Hilton), the pirate ships at Treasure Island, the Bellagio fountains, and the general 24/7 party atmosphere. I'm sure it will be an unforgettable few days. I'll have to update the blog from there and keep you all informed.

This evening, I joined my first blog list, at Maybe this will drive a little more traffic to my pages. And now I have some other blogs I can check out, in the limited few minutes I have each day for additional web surfing.

If you're not watching the NHL Western Conference final between Detroit and Colorado, you're missing one hell of a series. Unfortunately, I'll probably miss Game 7 on Friday, since Liz has already said we're not spending our free time in Vegas watching sports. But the sports books! I can watch the game there with the career gamblers! We'll just see about this.

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