Friday, May 03, 2002

To my surprise, when I got up this morning and checked the web for any news on Internet sales for AotC tickets, I saw that had started selling tickets around 2 AM. At 9 AM, I was able to get two tickets, one for me and one for my friend Jess (my wife hates Star Wars), for the 10:30 PM show on May 16 at the Ziegfield Theater in Manhattan. Apparently this is one of the best movie theaters in the city, though I've never had a chance to go there. I'm surprised that it was so quick and easy, and that only one show was sold out by that point (the 7 PM show). I should have bought more. I want to see it again soon after the first time, but I'm not sure yet when or where. Now I can't get onto the ticket sites; they're swamped with geeks like me clicking away furiously buying up all the shows they can. Anyway, now I'm way too excited about this for someone my age. By the time Episode III opens three years from now, I'll be way too old to be such a fanboy. I'll be pushing into "Comic Book Guy" territory.

Speaking of AotC (not much else on my mind today), I've got one of the tracks from the soundtrack on my PC at home. It's the main theme you hear in some of the commercials, possibly the "love theme." It's got a grand, sweeping quality to it, but it's in a minor key, hinting at the conflicts in the film. The trouble is that I can't figure out what meter it's in. I'm fairly certain the first bar is in 7/4, but the next few bars seem to be 6/4 or even 4/4. I listened to it a few times this morning but I couldn't work it out. Maybe it's in 9/4 or 12/4. It's really a tough one. I'll have to send the file to my brother and see if he can figure it out. Of the two of us, he's definitely got more natural musical talent.

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