Thursday, May 02, 2002

Wow, that last entry really rambled. What was I on? I need an editor.

I'm back from my trip to VA, and back in the office. I get a comp day for my efforts there, which should dovetail with my plans to see Attack of the Clones the weekend it opens. I'm planning to see it either May 16 or 17, depending on when I can get tickets. In 1999, I lined up with several friends and saw The Phantom Menace at a midnight show. If I can pull that off again, I'll take my comp day the day after. Going to work the day after the midnight show was torture, though I remember having dinner and drinks with some of Liz's work friends later that day and enjoying rehashing the movie. A better option might be to get tickets for a matinee on May 16 or 17 and take the day off to see the movie. No matter what happens, I'm budgeting $50 to see the movie at least four or five times this summer. Maybe more, if it's as good as the previews indicate. I saw TPM four times in the theater, and by the fourth viewing I was nearly asleep in the long talky sections. This one shouldn't be as bad.

I had hoped to see Spider-man tomorrow but I think that will fall through. Liz wants to do something special, since I've been away for a few days. We did that last Friday and went out for an expensive dinner. I hope that's not what she wants this time; I don't think my wallet could take it. I can be so cheap sometimes.

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