Sunday, May 12, 2002

It's been a busy week. The foreign office network administrators were in town for a series of meetings with the NY IT staff, and with them came the requisite evenings out on the town. So I was busy trying not to get too drunk on a "school" night and not thinking about my thoughts on any particular subjects.

Liz and I saw Spider-Man on Friday night. It was a hell of a movie. I have to say that I'm making the inevitable comparisons between it and AOTC, before the latter even opens. I've already read some advance reviews, both good and bad, and from what I've seen, AOTC leaves something to be desired in the story and acting departments. Spider-Man had a great script, excellent performances from everyone in the cast, not to mention the fantastic special effects that gave me chills. I know what I have to look forward to on Thursday night, but I'm already thinking that Spider-Man is going to be the superior movie. Not that it matters much; I'll end up seeing AOTC several times in the theater and buying it on DVD, while I might see Spider-Man one more time in the theater or on DVD. As good as it was, I'm still a Star Wars fan from way back.

Spider-Man did get me to think about the key problem of being a superhero, which came up in the movie. Namely, a superhero can't save everyone all the time. Eventually someone is going to wonder why they or their loved ones couldn't be saved by the superhero when they needed saving. And there's no way out of that conundrum. I'm sure that's been explored by many comics over the years, and I'm not all that interested in reading more about it. But it was an idea that I haven't yet encountered in a comic book movie. I don't remember anything like this in any of the Superman or Batman movies. I'm already looking forward to the sequel.

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