Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Google Alert pays off again

For those of you who can't get enough information about my grandfather and his performance of Ralph Vaughan Williams' Tuba Concerto, last weekend Google Alerts pointed me to an article from Time Magazine about the premiere of the work. The article mentions the meeting between my grandfather and the composer at the latter's apartment, where the photo in the first link was taken.

What's next, Google Alerts? I'd love to get a link to a recording of the conversation and rehearsal session between these two men. However, I think if such a thing existed, it would be in my family's possession. Maybe when I finally get that time machine built I can go back and hear what went on when these two met, half a century ago.

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ABEL Central said...


Thanks for pointing out the article and the photo about Vaughan Williams and your grandfather. I'm not so sure that the "tuba community" was aware of this. Google alerts are a great source, except my "tuba" google alert often returns stories about Tuba City, AZ and anyone named "Tuba" (a common name in Turkey apparently). Being from Boston, I was interested in your Fenway experience - too bad to hear about the bus fiasco and the lame band. If you make it to a Red Sox game, maybe you'll be lucky enough to catch the Hot Tamale Brass Band.

Thanks again, it's inspiring to read about the beginnings of this great piece. It STILL is the greatest work for tuba ever.

John Manning