Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I spent the morning at TECHXNY, formerly known as PC Expo. I saw all sorts of cool new stuff, like a new Kyocera Palm phone, a Pocket PC phone from TMobile, and the new IBM T30 laptop that I must have. You can read an expert opinion if you like. There was a woman in tight leather pants showing off the camera picture on the MSNBC article; a synergistic move, since the flyers she was handing out showed the camera in the hip pocket of tight leather pants. I didn't collect too much interesting swag, other than some free magazines and a plastic puzzle from the HP booth that I cannot reassemble, even with the instructions. It looks like I need a vise or an extra set of hands to hold all the pieces in place for construction. So now I have a little stack of colorful plastic loops that serve no useful purpose.

My shoulder is still bothering me. Still, because I initially injured it over a week ago at the gym. I was on the lat pulldown machine when I felt a small pop or snap, and knew right away something was wrong. It's not that serious: I can still move my head left to right, but it hurts. And I have full range of motion in both arms and shoulders, but it hurts when I roll either shoulder. The sad part is that the pain had gone away completely by Saturday, which I attribute to the comfortable bed at Liz's house in MS. But the pain came back last night after I worked out extra hard at the gym, trying to compensate for the overeating and indulging I did last weekend. Obviously, I'm a dumbass who should have recognized that my injury had not healed completely. So now I'll lay off the upper body exercise for a while and stick to legs and cardio. Hopefully I'll be able to ride my bike this weekend. Of course, this gives me an excuse to sit around, relax, and pig out. Which was what I was trying to recover from when I hurt myself again. Yes, I am a dumbass.

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