Monday, June 24, 2002

We got back from the reunion Sunday night. It was the first uneventful trip to Mississippi since we got married over four years ago. In December 1998, I got sick for a few days over Christmas, and we had a freak ice storm that knocked out power throughout most of Starkville, including Liz's house. In June 1999, on a weekend trip to play for a wedding, we lost our luggage for a day. On our Christmas visit in December 2000, we were stuck for an extra two days when New York had a freak snowstorm, and we had a scary drive to Memphis over icy roads to make our flight home. So this trip was a welcome change: no freaky weather, no illnesses, just a good time.

We both had a great time at the reunion. Liz's classmates are a cool bunch of people. I enjoyed meeting her old friends and hearing lots of funny stories. I was glad to catch up with some of her friends that I'd met before. And I was saddened by the knowledge that I won't get to have the same experiences at my own class reunion, since we're not having one! I'll have to settle for visiting some of my old buddies on my own.

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