Thursday, June 27, 2002

My usual browsing of unearthed an article on "warchalking," which is a way to discreetly identify wireless access points in urban areas. I immediately thought of a recent Simpsons episode where someone (Grandpa, I think) shows someone else the hobo markings on a fencepost, one of which is "comely daughter." I must not be an avid wireless network user, since I can't see myself lugging my laptop everywhere just in case I might want to surf wirelessly when I stumble across these markings. I guess it would be more useful when I'm traveling, not that I do much of that. Anyway, as usual I'm rambling. I do see the usefulness of warchalking to road warriors and workaholics, or just average geeks looking to surf all the time.

The shoulder injury feels a little better today, though I probably should have been more careful at the gym this morning. I'm hoping that it clears up enough that I can ride my bike this weekend, but I'm not optimistic. Right now I can't turn my head more than 60-70 degrees left or right, so riding in traffic where I might have to snap my head around quickly is a bad idea. We've decided to stay here in NY for the four-day July 4 weekend, so I could make up for the lost time then. In the meantime, let the pigging out commence!

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