Wednesday, June 05, 2002

We got back from Las Vegas around 1:30 this morning. Thank God for direct flights. I made it to work a little late this morning and on much less sleep than usual, but my body should catch up to the East Coast schedule in a day or so.

I spent most of Monday hanging around the hotel pool, reading The Godfather. I didn't want to travel far since I had to meet Liz and her group at 4 PM to pack up. That turned into a disaster due to poor planning on the part of the trade show organizers. We all ended up waiting five hours (until 9 PM) for the labor crew to show up and pack away the booth in its crates. Everyone else was long gone from the show floor by then, so we were all hungry and cranky. But we did get out for a decent meal and Liz finally got to see the fountains at the Bellagio. Then we spent a few bucks at the main casino at the Hilton before turning in. All told, I lost about $8 at the slots. While I thought I'd find slots gambling addicting, I actually learned that I don't like losing. So I'm going to look for a downloadable video poker/blackjack game so I can have fun with fake money.

It's good to be home. Las Vegas is a great place to visit, but I cannot imagine living there. It's a constant party, all day, all the time. I love to party as much as the next immature guy who still fondly remembers college revelry, but even I got tired of walking through casinos, hearing people having fun and seeing scantily clad women and hookers. After a few days, it's just too much. I wanted to get back to eating regular healthy meals, sleeping normal hours, and *gasp* going to work. What's wrong with me? I do want to go back to Vegas, without any work to do, so Liz and I can see some of the other casinos and night spots that we missed this time around. But I can definitely wait for a while.

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