Sunday, June 09, 2002

Liz thinks that the person or persons who put our trash back in front of our door were the building management, in the form of our superintendent or one of his lackeys. So far our trash has stayed in the cans where it belongs. However, yesterday we were at a picnic in Central Park and we threw away two plastic water bottles instead of looking to recycle them. So we got some comedic mileage out of the idea that somehow the water bottles would reappear at our front door, horror-movie style. That hasn't happened yet.

We went to see About a Boy yesterday. It was one of the best movies we've seen lately, absolutely a wonderful work. The book is one of my favorites and the script, acting, cinematography, all captured the spirit and life of the book and even went beyond it. They did change the ending sequence, though the overall conclusion is the same. I'm definitely going to buy this movie on DVD.

James and I went for a long ride to Coney Island today. It was a strange experience, being the one familiar with the route and having to lead him. Actually, he rode in front of me most of the way, and I shouted the turns to him. It wasn't the best system, since he made wrong turns a few times, but I'm not that comfortable leading yet. And I figured out that two Nathan's hot dogs are not optimal nutrition for a thirty-mile ride. I can handle one, washed down with some lemonade, but I should hold off on the second one until after my ride. I've learned to listen to my body while I'm riding. If I ride at the proper pace, take adequate breaks, and eat and drink the right things on a ride, I usually feel fantastic during and after the ride, like I could ride forever. But today, after eating two dogs, I felt overly full while riding and by the end I was winded and out of energy. I had to lie down on the bed afterwards for about 20 minutes to wait for things to equalize. Even now, I still feel a little strange. I know that part of it is due to James' pushing me to ride faster to keep up with him, and that's a good thing. I have a tendency to under-exert myself when riding or exercising, so it will be good long-term to have a friend pushing me to ride harder. But I'll have to skip the dogs and eat a Powerbar next time.

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